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NOMinations Results!

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who participated this round! And a big congratulations to everyone who was nommed! There were some close contests this round - apparently, you're all just too good for anyone to pick the best easily. Finally, an extra thank you to thorarosebird, keppiehed, and lalalaleigha for their various helps in putting on this show. Without further ado...

June 2012 NOMinations Champions!

Best Editor: Keppiehed

As an author, I jump for joy whenever Keppiehed shows up to give me an edit. As an editor, I jump for joy whenever Keppiehed is editing the same piece - there's much less work for me to do if she gets there first! As the editing mod, I jump for joy every single week, because Keppie is there. She's knowledgable, reliable, helpful, optimistic, and always ready to take on an extra edit when needed. Even better, I know that when I assign someone a Keppiedit, I'm a part of making them jump for joy, too. There's just no downside to this editing machine!

Best Feedback: Keppiehed

In a community known for its positive criticisms and gushing feedbacks, it's hard to come out on top as the "best feedbacker" - but somehow, Keppiehed has managed to do just that for the third set of NOMs running! Her ever-present optimism couples wonderfully with technical know-how in all her comments, bringing authors both reassurance that their work is good and helpful hints to improve it even more. I just have one question ... will you teach the rest of us how you do it?

Most Improved: Bluegerl

Though all our members work hard to hone their craft here at the Flame, one stands just a bit above the crowd in the effort she puts forth every week. From the first entry to her most recent, Bluegerl has studied those commas with zest! She's taken the earnest advice of her editors and she's applied every last bit of herself to shine up her writing. When we first met Bluegerl she was a great writer, but thanks to her diligence and hard work, she sparkles with a brilliance that only comes from a marriage of talent AND hard work. That's something to be truly proud of! We've watched her grow with every entry and it is with pleasure we present the Nomination for Most Improved to our dear Bluegerl.

Member's Choice: One_Time_Pad

Though he only recently hit the spotlight with his masterful handling of the Team Phoenix appointments, one person has been one of the most helpful people to have around for the past several years. He has comments, he has advice, he has suggestions, he has defusing humor, and he has the ability to step up to the plate when everybody else is afraid to do so. He's also a fantastic editor, whenever his schedule allows. Of all the members to choose, community, you picked this one, and he deserves the recognition for his years of service. Flamers, I give you -- One_Time_Pad!

Most Cheerful Writer: Bluegerl

We've all had days when we just need something happy to read, and who most fits the bill? Flamers, you have spoken! It's the mighty Bluegerl that we want to make us smile time and again! Whether she's writing about wormholes or the quiet hope of anachronisms, Blue knows how to shake those pom-poms and chase the blues away. She can, of course, paint us a story or a poem in a variety of emotions, but it's true that when we need a surefire grin there's one person we trust to get the job done. We see you standing there, Bluegerl; come up and take your very deserved bow for Most Cheerful Writer!

Best Dark Writer: Belluminabyssus

Since her style lends itself naturally to all things gritty, it’s hardly a surprise that Belluminabyssus should come out on top with this NOM. Whether recurring or new, she knows how to base her characters in the real world – her vampires use laptops and wifi, her characters wear Nikes – and it’s this that makes her dark writing so effective. We believe her worlds exist; so too could their horrors.

Best Uncommon Form Writer: So_Wordy

Although so_wordy’s entries may not always take the form of straight poetry, she has managed to find a balance between verse and prose, imbibing her writing with lyrical turns of phrase and dream-like images that some of us may not have imagined before. She uses her time well, choosing her words with care so that every line drips with meaning. And, of course, when she does turn her hand to more traditional poetry, she’s pretty darn good!

Best Arc Writer: Toxic_Apiaceae

One of Toxic’s trademarks is the “serial”: four interlinking entries over the course of a month. Many of us attempted it before and after, but it seems Toxic’s serials have stood the test of time, particularly her Boots & Hearts stories from January 2011 and October 2011. The inevitable downside of churning out one entry per week means that many gems get lost in the crowd, but Toxic’s ability to bring to life memorable characters, plots, and settings and stretch them beyond just one week ensures her stories will stay with us.

Most Varied Author: Keppiehed

Hey, you there! I see you skulking around the Flame, looking through old entries. What are you hunting? Poetry, prose, and scripts, you say? Absurdities, serious ponderings, fantasy, and time travel? Say no more! Let's engage in some one-stop shopping, shall we? Let me introduce you to a very versatile author friend, Keppiehed. And hey, if you like her flexibility with Flame prompts, you should look at her entries in other writing communities, too! Now, don't get so caught up in all her wonderfulness that you forget the rest of us!
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