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Week 2 Topic!

For those wishing to get an early jump on the next week's topic, here she blows, mates!

Remember to submit your entry link to the poll, or firesign10 might miss it!

The topic for week 2 is:



Literal or figurative, the seed is where it all begins. From their humble beginnings, full of potential but mired in the dirt, they are the world's greatest source of sustenance and strength. From them, the world's most mighty and ancient beings arise and begin their lives.

How will you present your seed topic? Will these be the seeds of strength, the seeds of change? Will it be a bad seed, or is it a first-seed team?

Think it over, own it, and bring out something great!

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Poll #1378707 April, Week 2, 2009 Contest Entries
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*** Your Week 2 Entry is due Sunday, April 12, 2009, at 10am EST. Please try to keep the entry under 2,000 words so we can read through all of them when we vote. This is not a rule, however and will not be enforced. All the best this week! ***
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