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14 December 2015 @ 07:51 am
December Tales Week Two Results  
Good morning, Flames!

We are having an unseasonable holiday season down here in South Florida. We've had a day or two in the upper sixties (which was soooo nice), but this week they are predicting mid-eighties. I guess there won't be any snow for Christmas. I hope your winter is going a bit more as expected.

Ayumidah responded to our prompt of "You are our only hope." this week. She also submitted a piece for last week's prompt of "Move heaven and earth." but due to a timing glitch it wasn't with the Sunday night submissions. We are sharing both with you now. Enjoy, and please share a little comment love with our Brigit's Flame trooper.

For week one -
Title: Loss
Author: ayumidah
Wordcount: 109

For week two -
Title: Hope
Author: ayumidah
Wordcount: 126
Theme: friendship
Warnings: none
ayumidahayumidah on December 14th, 2015 06:15 pm (UTC)
We've currently been at 60 degrees here, which for Illinois, is amazing. I'm not complaining, but yeah no snow for Christmas here either! I'm planning a road trip in early January though so it's all good.