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30 May 2013 @ 08:09 pm
Chatter Post: Thursday, May 29, 2013  
This will be quick! I don't have a laptop that doesn't need to be plugged in and we've been having storms with continued storms expected after 8:00pm. So, here's a quick Chatter Post so that I can shut down the computer again!

ETA: They changed the forecast in the last ten minutes on Weather.com.. More storms aren't expected until 2am now. Huh.

ETA2: And yet there is thunder and lightning right now. Darn unreliable forecasts!

I've always been fascinated with weather, especially since I was able to see the devastation up close after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. I never, ever want to experience a tornado--they scare the crap out of me--but I have a bit of a desire to experience a hurricane from a pretty safe location. When hurricane season comes around and there is one that threatens to make landfall, the Weather Channel is on 24/7. I can't take my eyes off the t.v..

If you could be an eyewitness to a weather phenomenon (e.g. an earthquake, a hurricane/typhoon, a tornado, a tsunami, etc.), what would you want see up close or experience if you could be guaranteed safety? Why? Even if you couldn't be guaranteed safety?
Lynnie: all togetherpelethetart on May 31st, 2013 06:31 pm (UTC)
Hubby and I were just talking about this yesterday. Where we are, we get the weaker versions of all of them (luckily) so I've seen F1 of F2 tornadoes out my window, felt earthquakes that were 4.3, smelled the brushfires, lopped through flooding that was about 2ft deep as the tail end of hurricane Isaac kicked our butts and became a tropical storm.

Here we're known globally for our Lake Effect weather patterns that give great ice and snow storms, including Thundersnow which is pretty new in the area but I do so love it. I actually admit that I love looking out my window and seeing a wall of white falling from the sky and hunkering down beneath blankets with my tea in hand and candles around the room while the wind roars like a train outside. I do not enjoy being out in it, just looking.

When I visited my aunt in Florida I got to see a hydro-twister. That was amazing!

While Tsunami, Avalanche and Volcanoes are more natural/earth phenomenon and not weather, these are the ones I would want to see from a safe place. A huge tornado or earthquake are also on my list. I enjoy the feeling of being overwhelmed with awe, and to witness something so beyond the scope of control, and even complete understanding, is so awe-inspiring and humbling.
Plus, the very notion of seeing a wall of water stories high or a column of wind and rain a mile wide is just...wow.

The one weather phenomenon that I'm happy to never see again, ever, are the extreme heat waves/droughts...where the temps soar for days and days on end with no reprieve, or clouds, in sight. Nope. No thanks!

But since safety is never guaranteed, I'll stick to the little ones we know how to survive. :-)