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16 February 2013 @ 08:30 am
So, if you celebrate Valentine's Day I hope it was a good one, and if you live in Chicago I hope you kept your ammunition dry (history ref, nothing against the good people of Chicago). Congratulations to our favourite Nunsy Erotica bluegerl for winning this week's poll.

So ..what happened this week?


lacombe takls about ageism and the prejudices against teens...or are they realities? Wander over and tell him your opinion. Go ahead..we will still be here.


pelethetart discusses totem animals and such. Do you believe in totems? Do you have a totem animal? Are you a totem? Go join in,eh?


raven_tiger asks about people's valentine's day celebrations.


innana88 asks us to share a bit of our favourite literary children. Which put that way is probably a bit wrong,eh?


desert_rose talks about domiciles and working spaces, etc.
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