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26 August 2015 @ 11:05 am
To sign up for the September contest, a month long foray into the void, simply leave a comment or venture to the Word Press launch to submit your intent!

Submission closes Saturday 8/29 at 2359EDT.
24 August 2015 @ 07:25 am
Does Fido still have a place in fiction? Join the discussion.
21 August 2015 @ 10:03 am

Good morning, my good friends of the Flame.  I hope you have had a glorious week, and are looking forward to the weekend ahead. If you have exciting plans, you might tell us in the comments of this post!

I had a very frustrating week.  I didn’t give myself enough time to rest and recover from being sick.  I dove right into an online course I am taking.  I spent the week frustrated because everything I did was taking twice to three times as long as the times I had given them in my schedule.  Yesterday, I threw up my hands at 4:30 PM, stopped, and walked away from the computer. I was fed up and felt like giving up.

I have a standing call on Thursday nights with my Writing Buddy.  In telling her about the week and why I didn’t make my goals, I realized that I need to track the time these new things take, so I can create my schedule accordingly.  Consequently, my writing goals for the coming week are 1) to journal daily and 2) to track how long things really take. (Toggl will be my friend this week!)

I started several new adventures this week.  I allotted much less time for them than they actually required.  Therefore, my week crashed and burned, and I followed in its wake! Now I know why that happened AND I know how to fix it.  Though the process may take a week or more to complete, I know what I must do.  I’m glad I figured this out BEFORE September 1st, because that week is the start of the Fall Season at our Church, which brings with it a Tuesday night Choir Rehearsal and a Drum Circle (which I am leading) on Thursday nights.  I expect to have a good idea of how to revamp my schedule before those two evenings are not available.

Two of the new adventures are writing related.  I also have a goal of doing NaNoWriMo again in November.  I also have a goal of putting together a draft of my Legacy Tales out for beta on January 1, 2016.  I must have a good handle on the time things require because, after my surgery in October, everything else is not as important as PT and whatever else they tell me to do to to get well as fast as possible.  The schedule will change radically, I’m certain, however I will have a clear idea of how to put all of the other pieces around the “getting better” pieces because I will know the amount of time they require to be done well.


The time for Week Three entries to be submitted is drawing nigh. Be sure to give us your interpretation of “Kissed by Fire” by Sunday night!

Calling all Poets:  There is a contest for poetry offered by Writer’s Digest. For details, click here.

21 August 2015 @ 06:35 am

Congratulations, Hwango!

If y'all missed the two stories featured this week, you should go read them now :D

Meanwhile, the time is winding down for Week Three entries to be submitted. Be sure to give us your interpretation of "Kissed by Fire" by Sunday night!

17 August 2015 @ 09:36 pm
Hello Flames,
Sorry this is almost a day late. Some local lightning knocked our internet out on Sunday night and it wasn't fully restored when I left for work this morning.

For week two, RicoChey challenged us to explore the choice between brilliance and ignorance or to find inspiration in the synopsis,

"For the ailing patient, intelligence is a miserable burden."

How brilliant were our writers? Judge for yourself.

Reading List:

Title: none
Author: hwango
Word Count: 637
Warnings: nope.

Title: The Burden of Intelligence
Author: Shane Bell
Word Count: 2130
Warnings: Drug use.

Vote Here
The first leap is always the farthest. Join us on Word Press to discuss showing off your work for the first time.
16 August 2015 @ 10:31 am

Oh My Gosh I'm Late And There's A Tie!

Congratulations, Hwango & Shane Bell!

Let's see what y'all and the rest of the writing flames have planned for Week Two! The deadline is upon us, and don't forget: Just For Fun entries are open :)

#gowrite y'all

This week's prompt set is inspired by Game of Thrones. Click here to read the topic in full, and to submit your entry!
14 August 2015 @ 06:00 am
Here is the link to your new Friday Chatter!
Re-entry after vacation
Before we start, let me quote some essential details from my introductory post from Week One, outlining the basics of this month's themed contest. To skip this, scroll directly to the prompt, located midway through this post!

Throughout this contest (and any time, truly), you can reach me fairly instantly by two reliable methods: 1. You can send me a Facebook message, or 2. You can pop an e-mail over to write.brain.dependent@gmail.com – either outreach pings my phone in real time, and I can respond accordingly.

Remember, the open door policy at the Flame isn't just for show -- reach out! The Mod Hydra is here to help, and to ensure that your experience is positive and constructive.

Welcome to Week Two of the theme, "Can you elaborate?" I understand there may have been some confusion about prompt limitations last week, so I've quoted the 'Basic Premise' portion below with a few choice edits in hopes that there will be no further miscommunication. I do not believe in limiting the creative mind unfairly or unnecessarily, so let's nip that in the bud!:

Basic Premise: You are presented with an example of a synopsis for an episode of a television series (there is so necessity to have seen, or to be familiar with, either the episode or the show). Using this synopsis, write your entry. You may also use the title of the episode or something you know about the series or episode quoted to inspire your entry. You do not have to use the name of the character mentioned in the synopsis. These parts of each month’s prompt are interchangeable at the entrant’s discretion; however, you may like to make a clear statement in an Author’s Note about the origin of your inspiration if you deviate unexpectedly from the episode title and/or synopsis provided as each month’s prompt. All forms of writing are welcome!

Again, if anyone has any questions, the Hydra's three silly heads are here to make sure everyone has a good time. Now, without further ado, the prompt for Week Two!

House, M.D. [S6E8]: ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ –“For the ailing patient, intelligence is a miserable burden.”

I've heard people say Hemingway was crushed by the weight of his own genius. Obviously I'm not claiming to understand what that must be like, but I feel as though I have come close to being able to imagine it every so often. In a world where one mustn't look far to find ignorance, for those of us who have worked hard to be enlightened and educated it can feel like suffocation to caught suddenly in the company of those who either have not come as far, or who choose never to try. Ignorance can feel as heavy as humidity in the presence of the wrong kinds of people, even when it isn't their intention to cause you that kind of discomfort.

In the quoted episode of House, the doctor treats a patient whose intelligence is a celebrated gift, but for whom the gift has become a terrible burden. When we meet the patient, he has deliberately chosen a lifestyle much simpler and less demanding than what he knew before, and has abandoned any pursuits that require the use of his brilliant mind. As the episode unfolds, we learn more about how he has willfully suppressed his mind, if only to feel less alone in a crowded room.

This week, how will you explore the maddening choice between brilliance and ignorance? Or the awful suffering of having to hide your thoughts and ideas, if only to continue to fit in with the people around you? Show us your take on the idea of a gift being a burden, or interpret the prompt in a brand new way, and show us something altogether unexpected. Write what you must!

Remember, to advance to main voting for Week Two, you must have survived Week One voting. If not, your entry (or entries) still qualifies for Just For Fun voting and is welcome in the poll! You can access the poll below. Entries are due Sunday, August 16th at 2345 Eastern Time. No sign-ups are necessary for this contest.

Submit Here

RicoChey had some technical difficulties logging in so I am posting this for her.
Good Monday to you, Flames.

This month, RicoChey is asking us to elaborate on some rather vague TV show & movie synopses she found online. It doesn't matter if you've ever seen the show or know anything about it, the point is to take the thought and run with it...while typing.

Week One prompt: "Rick Struggles To Cope."

Four of our writers were up to the challenge. Let's see what they came up with.
This month will be one of our standard contests. One winner for the month, but you can only compete if you write in all four weeks. Only one of these writers can win the month, but if you want to write with us in weeks two through four, you can submit an entry just for fun that will be shared with the community and voted on for likes not wins.

Your reading list awaits! Get in there and share some feedback with your fellow writers. We all appreciate the #commentlove. Use the comments of this post if you have trouble posting comments to the writer's blog or journal.

Title: none
Author: hwango
Word Count: 646
Warnings: I don't think so.

Title: How To Cope: Chop Until The Screaming Stops
Author: Kathy Boles-Turner
Word Count: 495
Warnings: TWD Spoilers AHOY!

Title: Insomnia
Author: Kristina Van Hoose
Word Count: 1226
Warnings: Characters have sex, but it is not described

Title: Rick Copes
Author: Shane Bell
Word Count: 900
Warnings: Sex, violence, language

07 August 2015 @ 09:35 pm

Congratulations, Kristina!

What a fun month o' minis! Thank you writers, readers, and voters!