It's Lunch Games time! - Label it, Memeify it, write a story snippet about it.

Tell me what this image calls up for you? Does it feel like something you will never unsee? Does it scare you? Amuse? Or does it make you want a salad?

Take a moment for some silliness while you eat your lunch (especially if it's a salad) and share a laugh with us.

(Although I hate to interject when darlinleo has such a great #flamestorming session going on in her post. Be sure to check out her Twofer Tuesday Chatter and weigh in on the era storming!)
02 September 2014 @ 06:00 am
Ya Got Trouble! and it's the fabulous sort of writing trouble, my darling flames. mistvieh has generously gifted us with sparks of inspiration for the first week of September, so I think it's time to pour on some kerosene and get a blaze going! How about some good old fashioned flamestorming, eh? Awesome! I'll start:

As I mentioned in a previous #flamechatter, I sometimes like to surf the web for images and/or quotes concerning a writing topic. This time, my search went a bit differently, because the clip of The Music Man in the topic post immediately inspired thoughts of the era in which the story was set.

Hello, my name is Kathy and I am a chronic history geek. And a Google addict. And a wiki junkie...

So! The Music Man: While mid-century influence is evident in the film, the original play is set in the U.S., during 1912. Edwardian fashions were a hit with all the rich ladies, and so were Edwardian etiquette and sensibilities (out in public, anyway). April 14, 1912, the Titanic sunk with dozens of gloriously clad Americans that had only briefly enjoyed the opportunity to rub elbows with fashionable Europeans--it was a global catastrophe.* Down with the ship went the culmination of centuries' worth of nautical engineering and countless modern feats, not to mention some outstanding hope chests.

While this particular catastrophe may have put a few kinks in some millionaire wallets, there was serious trouble brewing for the common folk here in the U.S. Wilson won the presidency in November and set out to do his damnedest to unravel as many civil rights advancements  as he could identify. It would be a few years before he got the chance to exert some scholarly and "moral diplomacy" on folks south of the border.

Americans of the time hadn't yet experienced the horrors of world-wide war, and had not yet discovered a national voice in literature. (Realism was just over the horizon.) But there was relentless Yankee spunk, and a burgeoning social consciousness that made old Wilson want to spit.

What was going on everywhere else? You tell me.

Let's explore this era across the globe and search out nuggets of inspiration--economy, architecture, pop culture, politics, social change, crime waves, favorite baby names (by the way, one of the original Music Man's Broadway producer's first name was Kermit. That's awesome.)

Please offer up your finds in comments below, and also feel free to tweet pictures and other cool info to me @flamestorming.


*My comments are a bit flippant, but I assure you, I do not take lightly the tragic deaths of hundreds of people.

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Okay Flames, let's start with a reading list.

This is it, the final vote for August. Who has slogged through the body parts littering the battle field and come out victorious?

For your reading pleasure:

We have bluegerl -
The un-named ficlet of blood, WC:1,010 with an R Rating for death

And then there is fawatson with her continuing saga of Lucy and her contribution to WWII, the title is 'Welcome Home', perhaps Laurie was one of the lucky ones. Let's lean in and have look-
Welcome Home, WC:635 with no rating or warnings

For a little reading fun we have:

A poem on the silly topic of Blood by bluegerl -
Blud (poem), WC:198 Rated 'S'

A delightfully creepy surprise from our darlinleo -
"Blood Makes Bitter Ink" (poem), WC:218 Rated 'TBC'

And another installment of Neji and Tenten by aquarius_galuxy -
Spaceship!, WC:465 with no rating

The poll closes Saturday, September 6th. Don't forget to read and comment :)

Poll #1980638 BFVote201408_W4
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 1

Who will you vote for? No eliminations this week.

Read these JFF - Just For Fun

We have also put together a really simplified pollDaddy poll for the voting to test the service. The previous voting polls were embedded in a survey to allow for reading links. We'd like to continue to test for this month. Please vote in both polls.


Hello Editors!

This is 3 of 4 for August. 'Skin' and 'Blood' are the topics we are looking at. With the goal set by the end of September, the deadline for this is Sunday, September 28th.

For the prompt 'Skin', please share your editing skills as follows:


Author Word Count ROAR Read On Content On Technical Content Editor 1 Content Editor 2 Technical Editor
fawatson 599 N/A NHB YES darlinleo none keppiehed

For the prompt 'Blood', please share your editing skills as follows:


Author Word Count ROAR Read On Content On Technical Content Editor 1 Content Editor 2 Technical Editor
bluegerl 1,010 N/A NHB YES darlinleo none fawatson
fawatson 635 N/A gentle no bardiphouka none keppiehed
Completed Edits Poll: Poll #1980635 Edit20140802
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 0





Thank you Editors for your community service :) And thank you Flames for sharing the love with your community!
01 September 2014 @ 06:00 am
Happy holiday to those of us in the States who work for a place that is closed today, woooo!

As some of you are apt to have noticed by now, I am hosting the month of September. The Week One prompt ("Ya Got Trouble!") Went up yesterday morning. Now, this isn't the first month I've hosted, so apart from some of the new polling ideas we are trying, I was not very intimidated. I figured it would all be like riding a bike. And then I started trying.

Turns out, in addition to LiveJournal working differently now than it did in 2010, I have lost a great deal of my Internet savvy. I used to have basic html codes memorized! I could format a post from scratch just using the html editor option on the entry creator. Now, I began adding my paragraphs and links and whatnot, and I realized I didn't even know how to center something, enlarge the font, and make it bold. I was completely lost.

Several hours, one tech savvy boyfriend, and some ground down molars later, I managed to get a pretty clumsy approximation of my original topic post converted from LJ to an acceptable format for Facebook, having completed and posted the former bright and early while the aforementioned boyfriend slept. In my defense, he says it wasn't just me, it was the website being glitchy for the time being, but I still felt pretty inept.

My family was the first one I knew of, from my age group, that had a home computer. I have been a child of the internet since age twelve. AOL was like the only clubhouse I was invited to hang out in, chat rooms were where I met some of my first best friends, and social media was where I flourished into the camera ham I am today, and even found the outlet(s) I needed to become a better artist, and a better writer. I had it all! I thought I was so cool. I'd only get better and learn more tricks of the trade. I was an Internet MASTER.

Fifteen years later, I am always several weeks (if not months) behind the trends, I don't know any good shortcuts for anything, and I keep my learning processes secret from my peers, lest I be mocked for not knowing exactly how to work Twitter. What happened? I was that kid who said things like, "I'll always know what's going on in the current time, because I'll listen to the hit stations and watch television and surf the web." Sorry, 12-year-old Cheyenne, it didn't end up being so simple. I don't even HAVE television. We just pay eight bucks a month for Netflix and call it a day! And as for the radio? If I can go an entire day without having to hear someone ELSE playing the radio, I consider it's been a good day. Current music is almost entirely awful.

I always knew I'd stop being as hip as I WAS, but when did I stop being hip altogether?

Did you always assume you'd always know what was cool? Have you lived up to any of the expectations set by your young self? How important do you think it is to stay "current"?
31 August 2014 @ 09:36 am
Congratulations to fawatson & bluegerl for tying up the votes!

Many thanks to everyone that turned out to read and vote for our SKIN stories! And many thanks to aquarius_galuxy and bluegerl for keeping the the Just For Fun race going. Y'all be sure to grab a friend for reading, commenting, and voting in the final August contest, which is ALL ABOUT THE BLOOD! The end of August writing is here, and there can be only one winner--so make your votes count Mighty Flames.

31 August 2014 @ 06:00 am
(UPDATE: Please consider the title in bold below to be the ultimate "prompt", though you are invited and encouraged to draw inspiration from any and all parts of this post.)

Uh-oh. Someone either very brave or very foolish has asked a certain scatter-brained moderator to host the month of September. Is all hope lost? Are we but doomed? Surely we shall survive the next thirty days with our sanity intact! Right? RIGHT!?

I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to approach September. I haven't hosted a topic, let alone an entire month, in years. I am understandably rusty when it comes to our accepted format, and now that the moderation team has changed so much, and thus the format has seen some change itself, I am even more clumsy coming into this. But, I think I have devised something fun for all of us. Of course, that may not be even small comfort to some of you. It may just be that...

"Ya Got Trouble!"

For those of you who are not musical fans like I am, the above is a number from a beloved musical picture called "The Music Man". Meet Harold Hill, a traveling conman with a simple dream: to swindle the simple of out of their hard-earned money with his silver tongue. In this adventure, he has come to the small town of River City, Iowa to test his latest scam. Before the number begins, we see Harold conversing with an old friend about the difficulty he has encountered thus far in stirring up enough panic to win over the townspeople. In addition to an uptight, snoopy librarian on his tail, Harold has yet to find the weak spot in this town's hide... until he spots the pool hall that just opened on the square.

In just three minutes of song and dance, Harold Hill has the small-town folks of River City, Iowa whipped into a frenzy over the addition of this sin bin to their humble little hamlet. Drawing them into the town square, he scales a statue at its center as the people crowd around him in a circle, enthralled by his warning that turmoil is brewing in their own backyard. With the people hanging on his every word, chanting it back to him with fearful fervor, Harold trots around the circle, throwing his arms into the air with all the anxious resignation of one whose worry has become mania, and the people follow his every move. By the end of the number, even as that troublesome music teacher/librarian approaches to throw a wrench into his plot, the con man extraordinaire has convinced the town at large that they've got trouble -- oh, here in River City. Yes, they've got trouble and that starts with 'T' and that rhymes with 'P' and that stands for POOL!

Lyrics are under the cut!Collapse )

Your mission is to watch, listen, and let your mind wander to wherever this chapter in Harold's tale takes you. What draws you the most? There is definitely a lot going on here. The small town hysteria, the easily manipulated masses so easily convinced that the harmless is their doom, the con man, the nosy do-gooder, and hey -- there's even a pool hall! There will be a wide margin for creative freedom this month, BUT WITH MUSIC!

Click here to submit your entry!
30 August 2014 @ 05:37 pm
As it was in the beginning,etc. Or should it be. The first house I remember was a near mansion (my cousins would play in the carriage house.) It had been, as I recall, an aunt's who gave it to Da when she went to religious life. My family lived there along with one of my aunt's and her family. Thinking back on it, I am not sure it was much bigger than the house I live in now. But I live in it alone along with the invisitwins.

Somehow over the last few years though I have managed to pretty well fill the house from front to back. So I am working on the process of divesting myself of the larger part of it. First by eliminating the unusable etc, and then either by selling or giving away a good deal of the remainder.

The point? One of the things I had thought of was working on giving people something that would be sort of an essence of myself. The questions, two of them.

1>Do you own something that you believe would be such an essence? That people would look at,or use, and think only of you?

2>Have you ever used something tangible to bring you to a character or story? As an example, I have a statuette of a raven for when I want to write about Raven. I have a number of swords for different stories. And every year for NaNoWriMo I buy a new hat for..well, yes, my writer's cap. Do you have something similar?
30 August 2014 @ 04:04 pm
Just think, for some of you September has started already. In a few weeks Summer will be over, the heat wave will end, California will get water and politicians will become honest. Okay, I admit that there is some exaggeration there. And what has been happening here?

Monday mistvieh talks about memes and asks a few questions.

Tuesday Okay, actually this is one of two on Twofer Tuesday and darlinleo has a challenge and a chat on markets.

Tuesday...or two of two for TwoferTuesday (someone needs to talk about tongue twisters someday) and darlinleo brings up another challenge.

Wednesday> jlly_coppercorn talks about tattoos.

Wednesday and jlly_coppercorn has her variation on twofer tuesday except this is peak of the week. Just saying...go check it out.

Thursday cedarwolfsinger asks about dream homes.

Friday mistvieh talks about aching of a crash and burn ending.

Okay Flames, let's start with a reading list.

As you may recall, our six contestants were whittled down to four after week two voting was complete. However, two of our four remaining competitors did not enter the contest this week so we are left with two contest entries and two just for fun. There will be no contestants eliminated this week

For your reading pleasure:

We have bluegerl - Jaarno's story, WC:1,460 with an R Rating for killings

And then there is fawatson with her continuing saga of Lucy at the brink of WWII- Looking One's Best, WC:599 with no rating or warnings

For a little reading fun we have:

A poem by bluegerl - Skin (poem), WC:325 with no rating, just daft

And another installment of Neji and Tenten by aquarius_galuxy - Spaceship!, WC:1,041 with no rating

The poll closes Saturday, August 30th. Don't forget to read and comment :)

Poll #1980350 BFVote201408W3
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

Who will you vote for? No eliminations this week.

Read these JFF - Just For Fun

We have also put together a really simplified pollDaddy poll for the voting to test the service. The previous voting polls were embedded in a survey to allow for reading links. We'd like to see if that is what caused the problems last time. Please vote in both polls.
29 August 2014 @ 06:00 am
Oh, hi!

My roommate, Jennifer, and I met in the eighth grade. We were both thirteen, and she was a brand new student. The first day we "met" officially, the bell rang for lunch and she declared, "I'm just going to follow you." And she did, off and on, for damn nearly fifteen years. We're both twenty-seven now, and a lot has changed.

Our friendship went through an evolution that few friendships can survive. We took turns being terrible to one another, and to ourselves, and even dated the same boy one after the other at some point. I shunned her, she lied to me, I judged her, and she drifted away for long periods of time, making her mistakes while I invented new ways to make my own. In 2006, after many years of angst and teenage turmoil, we reunited one more time in the most reckless way possible -- over a mutual love of bad decisions and even badder company.

By 2007, I was moving 1600 miles across the country with my family, and our friendship had never had a more solid foundation. We spent a few nights of every week on the phone, talking for hours about our greatest shared love: our Story.

When we were in junior high, we started a little role playing game. We would pass a notebook back and forth and use it to act out scenes with characters of our own creation. Through this confuit, we discovered we both have wonderful ideas,  and that wonderful idea are apt to demand attention. By the time I was halfway across the country, we realized we were meant to write, and we were meant to do it together. Thus, our Story was born.

It consumed us. Years have been spent having six hour conversations about characters that have become so real to us, we refer to them in the same tone we might use to refer to "real" people. We have, in seven years, accumulated such a massive wealth of information and ideas that we are certain any finished product would be at least five books long. It was our single (yet dual) minded obsession. Nothing could get in the way.

In 2012, I moved back to Arizona, and into an apartment with Jennifer. I am upstairs and across the pool from the apartment right now, in our third consecutive apartment here at our complex. This was the year we were going to get a house, bring my animals home from Iowa, and make those books HAPPEN. Until she met him.

I'll save you the clichés. I have never liked a single person she has ever dated. Ever. My only solace, as we aged, was that she started dumping the bad eggs at the first sign of flaw. Until him. Every guy before him, I hated just because he was there. This guy, I am physically ill at the thought of him. He is rude, ignorant, uneducated, childish, irresponsible, foolish, helpless, and awful. There came a point that Jennifer could no longer trust us in a room together, so she vowed to separate us. I didn't realize that meant I'd never see her again.

I now live with a stranger, though I barely consider it living with someone when they never sleep here. This is our last lease together.  One more year of shared bills before it's all over, and we face the possibility that we may never speak again. Fifteen years later, it ends in the name of a man who only just makes the evolutionary cut. Strangely, I have stopped caring. I have fought for the better part of a year to make my voice heard, to beg her to see, or at least to listen, and now I am spent. I can't fight anymore for what is already gone.

What do you do when it all crashes and burns? Is it ever really easier when you can see it coming? Historically, how easily have you adapated to a great upheaval that caught you by surprise?
28 August 2014 @ 06:00 am
Hello, my fellow friends of the Flame. I hope this week has been good to you.

My imagination experiment for today: tell us about your dream home. Is it a house, an apartment, or something else? Where is it? Urban, suburban, semi-country, country, or boondocks (where they have to pump the sunshine in and the moonshine out)? Would you have any livestock animals? Who would share this home with you?

(I started to ask you to describe your dream home but my own answer covered five pages and I hadn't even finished describing the first floor. I knew I would be hitting the character limits consistently, so I gave up and started it with this approach instead.)

My perfect home is a house with some cedar wood in the architecture. I would want it to have any eco-friendly features that I could manage. I’d like to have solar shingles on the roof. If practical, I’d like to have a wind turbine as well.

There would have to be trees and a place to have a garden. I’d call the space “semi-country” because I want to see lots of trees, birds, and woodland creatures. I don’t want to see my neighbors, except from the top floors. I wouldn't mind if I had a neighbor ½ mile away. On the other hand, I want to be no further away from a city than one hour. I want to be able to get to stores, restaurants, movie theaters, bookstores, and whatever else might be there.

No livestock – well, I don’t want them but I don’t know what my husband wants. I could be happy with a large fenced in area for dogs to run. Then I’d look for the dogs to run there. I would also want an in-ground pool and places with shade near the pool to relax, and get out of the sun.

Living with me in my dream home would be my husband, my sister and her fiance. We’d also have dogs and cats.

Have a great rest of the week and a terrific weekend. I look forward to hearing about your dream homes!

Lunch game - Epic Title Wars!

Consider small events from your day and how you would label them with an Epic Title. Share them with us below - full story behind them or just the title.

Mine is 'Rise Of The Basilisk'.

My dog Nandi loves chasing lizards. In South Florida we have lizards of many varieties and Nandi does not discriminate. I've seen her chase lizards nearly as long as she is.

In an effort to regrow our lawn, we installed a secondary fence back in April, to separate the yard into a people zone (with healthy grass) and dog zone. Unfortunately, this cut Nandi off from the sunny area the lizards like to bask in.
I've noticed lately that the lizards are getting bold again in the assurance that there are no furry predators waiting to bop them on the head. One of those lizards is a basilisk. This is a mid-sized creature (about a foot long including the full tail) with a crest on the back of his head and two yellow stripes running down his back.

Aside from having an awesome name, he has one stand out characteristic that makes him a solid favorite of mine - when they run they do so on their back legs only, holding their torso up in a very human-like way. They can run across lily pads and spatterdock this way without sinking, giving the appearance that they walk on water. For this reason some people have nicknamed them the "Jesus Christ Lizard".

Our resident basilisk, seems to have taken his nickname to heart. Just this weekend I responded to the dogs barking maniacally at the french door and found him posturing on the stones of the flower bed one foot from the glass.

Then this morning, just after she finished eating, I saw Nandi alert on something through the glass. I glanced out in time to see the basilisk breach a garden stone from the opposite side. Poised like a conqueror (or messiah), he lifted his crest as if in challenge - or warning. Hence - Rise of the Basilisk.

Now you play

Let's get personal, Flames! Do you have any tattoos?

Boyfriend and I were discussing this recently after a string of "Naked & Afraid" episodes where the contestants had some pretty hideous tattoos. Personally, I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for about 15 years. Given the permanence, I don't feel it is something to be decided on spur of the moment. (Although I will admit that 15 years might seem more like procrastination than serious contemplation.)

Back when I was younger and might have chosen a little more impulsively, I was afraid of the pain. As I got older and started paying more attention to the inked skins of the world I realized that, for me, the tattoo and its placement would need to be delicate and graceful. No tiger paw prints just above the bra line for me. Despite my childhood tree climbing, affection for spiders, and choice of comfortable clothes over high fashion I have a level of femininity that I would rather accentuate than cut across.

Then there's the factor of putting art - really expensive art that you bled for - on your body in a place that you can't see yourself without a mirror. That 15 years is starting to make sense isn't it? I'm over-thinking.

In my opinion, the three main elements of the tattoo are where, what, and why (because I need it to have significance). Another really important part of the puzzle is who - the tattoo artist. If after 15 years I finally have settled those three questions for myself, the last thing I want is some hack making my dream look like something the mother of a 5 year old would proudly tack to the 'fridge.

At this rate I may never get a tattoo.
I really like this one. I like the theme of the natural versus storied images. I also like that it is done gracefully, following her curves.

There is a whole collection of them on this Pinterest board. Based on the name, I guess I'm not the only one considering the femininity angle.

So, back to my question. Do you have any tattoos? Or tattoo dreams? Share them with me. Consider your writing and the ink your characters may wear and why. Tell me about that too.

I'll be back at noon with a little game for you (unrelated to tattoos).

Have you been writing? Only a few more days until August is over and we're out for blood!

<3 jlly

So, how's the Tuesday Challenge going? I can't wait to see how many Flamers participate! Meanwhile ...

Part Two: A Second Tuesday Challenge

I'm willing to bet an entire dollar that everyone of you flickering little flames possess a friends list longer than my arm. Go on, take a look. See! You do! Now, delve into that amazing flist and choose at least two of your friends who have either been absent from brigits_flame for a while, or, who have never had the pleasure of meeting us. In the next twenty-four hours, invite them to visit this chatter post and make an introduction (or reintroduction, as the case may be) . They will be welcomed warmly.


(Stay tuned for next Tuesday's episodes in which drabbles may well appear.)

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